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Casa de Hilo is the luxury castle that your brow deserves. Our threading salon across different locations offers exceptional services with long-lasting results. From threading and micro-blading to other treatments like brow lamination and henna. Casa de Hilo is a one-stop solution for all the care that an eyebrow requires.

casa de hilo

Casa de Hilo, where beauty meets relaxation in a delightful symphony of pampering and style.


Our salon isn't just a place for makeovers; it's your haven away from the hustle. Step into our sanctuary, where every visit feels like a rejuvenating escape.


At Casa de Hilo, we believe that beauty goes beyond appearances. It's about feeling confident, embracing your uniqueness, and celebrating your individuality. Our team of skilled artisans doesn't just create hairstyles or provide skincare; they craft experiences tailored to you. 

With a touch of elegance and a sprinkle of innovation, we redefine beauty standards. Our salon isn't just a space; it's a canvas where traditional styles blend seamlessly with modern trends. We strive to make every visit a delightful journey, leaving you not just looking stunning but feeling it too.
From our serene ambiance to personalized services, every detail at Casa de Hilo is designed to make you feel special. We're more than a salon; we're your partners in your beauty odyssey, here to make you shine inside out.

Come, experience Casa de Hilo – where glamour, comfort, and style converge to create magic, one beautiful moment at a time.

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